Non-Executive Director (volunary)

Job Title: Non-Executive Director (volunary)
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: London
Salary: Voluntary
Reference: OnP
Contact Name: Tom Rippin
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Job Published: April 06, 2019 09:01

Job Description

Non-Executive Director, On Purpose

Role advert

We believe our world needs an economy that works for all, that enables everyone to live a dignified and fulfilled life within the boundaries of our planet.

This requires a fundamental shift led by people who transform the organisations in which they work from an economy of profit to an economy of purpose.

We are the home for these leaders: a uniquely broad and international community from all sectors of the economy that develops, challenges and sustains itself and others to help bring about such an economy.

We run two leadership programmes: Our Associate Programme that launched in 2010 is a one-year, full-time programme for professionals with, on average, 5-7 years’ work experience who are looking to change into a career that aligns with an economy that works for all. Our CEO Programme offers CEOs leading purpose-driven organisations of £1m-£10m turnover 12 days of collective learning over a 6-month period. The alumni of both programmes sit at the heart of a wider community we nurture.

On Purpose is a highly-regarded international social enterprise operating in London, Paris and Berlin. Since 2010 we have grown organically to 15 colleagues and just over £1m annual turnover. We are proud to generate 95% of our income through fees for the programmes we run.

As we plan the next phases of our development, we are recruiting several Non-Executive Directors to strengthen the governance and broaden the skill-set of our board. Currently we are consolidating the considerable expansion of the last three years – to two new cities and one new programme. This year and next we are investing in our capacities, ways of working and collaborating across all cities. From 2020/21 we plan to create a next step-change in our impact launching new cities and programmes.

We have one board that oversees the operations of our three organisations, incorporated locally in the UK, France and Germany respectively.

New Non-Executive Directors will join a collaborative and efficiently run board that helps the organisation, amongst other things, to chart a path between the competing dynamics of generating impact vs. financial success and operating with the rigour of a large professional services company and the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up.

We are looking significantly to increase the diversity of our board membership and bring on new members that bring different demographic characteristics, ways of thinking and/or lived experiences.

“I finally have a peer network who I can call upon to help solve problems in different ways.”
London, January 2018 CEO alumna


Role description

High-level responsibilities

The board’s role is to shape and support the overall direction and strategic leadership of On Purpose across all its locations and programmes and to ensure it is an impact-driven, financially sustainable, responsible and learning-focused organization. The board also ensures proper administration, adherence to the law and high standards of conduct

The Directors are appointed to On Purpose Careers Ltd. a non-profit UK company limited by guarantee. This board also oversees On Purpose Berlin Careers GmbH, our wholly-owned German subsidiary, and On Purpose France, a non-profit association that is controlled by On Purpose Careers Ltd.

A more detailed document setting out the board’s terms of reference can be provided to individuals who are considering applying (please email to request it).

Person Profile and other particulars

Person profile

Board Directors should be:

  • Committed to the aims of On Purpose
  • Willing to be highly engaged as board members
  • Able to contribute expertise, such as a functional skill or have high level of experience and/or influence within relevant sectors

We recognise the importance of diversity and are working towards increasing the diversity of our board and other parts of the organisation.

We are particularly interested in strengthening the board’s experience in finance, HR, learning & development and systems thinking. Experience of (digital) marketing and communications, recruitment/ assessment/selection and digital development are also of interest.

Experience of these areas are not a pre-requisite to joining the board. We are interested in hearing from candidates with any background on how they could contribute to developing On Purpose and its board.

We are interested in hearing from candidates who have connections to, or are based in, Paris or Berlin or who bring a community perspective, e.g., a previous participant or voluneeer.


In-line with charities and most non-profits, this position is not remunerated. We reimburse expenses in line with our expense policy.


Board meetings are held in central London and board members are expected to join in person. Overseas board members are expected to join virtually most of the time and attend in person once a year.

Equal opportunities:

We welcome diversity in all forms and encourage applications from anyone who’s passionate about our work.

To apply:

Please email your CV and cover letter, to Will Day, Chair of the Board, at by no later than 30 April, 2019 and include “NED Application” in your subject line.


After short-listing applications, we will hold one round of interviews in mid-late May in time to join our September board meeting.

Our purpose statement and high-level theory of change

Why we exist

Our world needs an economy that works for all, that operates within the means of our planet and without the injustices of today.

This requires a fundamental shift led by people who transform the organisations in which they work from an economy of profit to an economy of purpose - an economy that serves the wellbeing of all, now and for the future.

We are the home for these leaders: a community that develops, challenges and sustains itself and others, to help bring about such an economy.

What we do and how we work

We are the home for those who are looking to bring about an economy that works for all.

  • We find, inspire, develop and sustain leaders through deep and lasting programmes
  • We nurture the community of everyone involved in our programmes, in order to build momentum for a movement towards an economy that works for all
  • Together, we are creating a vision of where we need to head, by finding, creating and sharing knowledge with our community and beyond

We aim to exemplify the change that needs to happen and collaborate with others to increase and accelerate our collective impact.

Our high-level theory of change

The world is on the brink of the next industrial revolution that will transform our economy. We have developed the abilities fundamentally to change – for good or ill – our planet, our societies and even ourselves, at a rate not seen before.

This change carries with it big risks but also huge opportunities. In the next 10 years, we therefore have the opportunity  to lay the foundations for an economy that works for all: an economy that produces and delivers all the goods and services everyone on this planet needs to live a fulfilled and meaningful life, within the means of our planet and in a just and equitable way.

Such an economy is made up of organisations that play their full part in an economy of purpose rather than an economy of profit: acknowledging their full potential – for good and bad – seeing clearly all their responsibilities and acting upon them with integrity, humility and the highest regard for the common good. These organisations will come about because people who work in them decide to lead - to help bring about a better future - even before the path to where we need to go is clear.

We work with these people; together we are looking for a new future rooted in reality, we are challenging each other to think big with humility, learn from experience and engage with and sustain each other to make it happen. Our programmes have a deep and lasting effect on few people, but we are convinced that this is the path to big change. Big change needs committed individuals who come together with a higher purpose, collaborate, form communities and give rise to movements.

We are growing such a community and, with other communities, we will spark a movement that will bring about an economy that works for all.

On Purpose’s Guiding Principles

Collective principles

Things we have discovered or decided together; they are mainly visible in how On Purpose works

  1. We inspire a positive vision of the future whilst never losing our grounding in the realities of today
  2. Leadership comes in many forms and can be shown by anyone in any place; it requires people to develop internally as well as externally – who they are as well as what they do; we help people learn this through experience with the help of peers and role-modelling
  3. We are proud to run programmes that develop the best – those who will make the biggest difference through the organisations in which they work; in looking for these leaders, we work hard to be open-minded, fair and challenge our biases
  4. We bridge worlds by working with and role-modelling best practices wherever they can be found; we choose who we work with based on their intentions and the difference they make
  5. We deliver quality with simple means, based on thoughtfulness and care; we invest the time and money we need for this; we are good stewards of all the resources
  6. We work as one organisation across cities and programmes – this is how we can make the biggest difference to the world
  7. We are building one strong and open community – for the sake of those who are part of it, the programmes it helps deliver and to contribute to the movement that will bring about the change we seek

Individual principles

Things we value in or expect of those who work here; they are visible at the individual and organisational level

  1. We treat each other and do business in a straight-forward, friendly and transparent way and deliver on our word
  2. We care, challenge, support – ourselves, each other and those we work with – we take care to appreciate and time to feed back; this is how we deliver the high professional standards with which we want to be associated
  3. We value humility, which we believe comes from unassuming confidence, whose actions speak louder than its words
  4. We engage our heads and our hearts in everything we do – neglecting either would not live up to the rigour to which we hold ourselves
  5. We act with integrity and do the right thing by others – within and beyond On Purpose – even if it doesn’t benefit us as an organisation or individual


“One of my biggest On Purpose highlights is the privilege of working with such incredible, socially minded & fun people.”
London October 2016 Fellow


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