Job Title: Treasurer
Location: Unknown
Job Published: March 28, 2018 14:56

Job Description

The government has created a framework for Community Sponsorship of Refugees to be resettled in the UK. 

Kingston is a great place to do this, with a justified reputation for welcoming refugees.  Because of this, the Borough  was selected for the National Launch of Refugee Community Sponsorship.  The scheme will bring selected (by UNHCR) refugee families from Syria, camps in Lebanon, and in North African areas to the UK to resettle them.  The sponsor group will raise funds, find housing and guarantee it for at least two years, welcome and support the family in integrating in UK Society.

A group of Faith Bodies in Kingston upon Thames is working on creating a project and resettling a refugee family (and later more) in Kingston. We founders will create a Charity  Kingston Refugee Community Sponsorship to manage the project.  We have several experienced Trustees for the first formation of the Charity and to raise funding.  We seek a person with financial competence who is willing to work with us as Treasurer, and young energetic professionals who wish to gain experience in a refugee charity.