Charity officers interested in neuroscience/STEM/medicine

Job Title: Charity officers interested in neuroscience/STEM/medicine
Location: West London
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Job Published: March 28, 2018 14:56

Job Description

The British Brain Bee is a non-profit organisation that promotes outreach neuroscience initiatives at schools across the UK. For the last three years we have been running an annual school student competition called the British Brain Bee ( We are proud to be the only initiative to provide a unique opportunity to help young people recognise how neuroscience relates to their everyday lives and their health as well as to show them why neuroscience matters.

Our aims

The British Brian Bee aims and mission match the aspiration of government to increase science interest in local communities. In addition, we strive to:

  • Improve educational attainment because students will study a subject that demands for critical thinking and extracurricular learning
  • Increase awareness of neurodegenerative diseases which is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity currently in the UK. By targeting the young generation, right habits of lifestyle, food, and physical activity may develop earlier thus protecting or retarding the next generation from such brain diseases
  • Increase awareness of mental diseases common amongst teenagers like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, including its causes, symptoms and treatments, leading to better ability to tackle these emotional and mental states better
  • Increase chances to get into the top universities through enhancement of UCAS application and increase employability
  • Equip students with a better understanding and appreciation of STEM and neurosciences in a national and international context
  • Develop their creativity, problem-solving and scientific inquiry skills, and make them better able to make informed decisions about STEM issues

What do we do?

We are:

  • creating an interest of school students in neuroscience and research as well as providing students with practical lab experience in neuroscience field.
  • providing an opportunity to school children to meet with neuroscientists and undergraduate students connecting academic research with the society and schools.
  • raising awareness of the opportunities that a career in STEM can offer.
  • setting up a network of Brain Bee Ambassadors all over the country to act as role models and mentors for young people interested in studying neurosciences subjects as well as organise local events on behalf of the British Brain Bee.
  • visiting schools where the Brain Bee Ambassador delivers a science- or careers-related talk and/or demonstrates brain-related experiments in schools.
  • providing free online study resources for students to learn about the brain and supporting establishment of Brain Bee study clubs at schools.
  • organising an annual neuroscience competition called the British Brain Bee