We manage three Boarding Houses which bridge the Physical Gap for 66 children, who previously walked up to 8 hours daily to get to school.

Our first Boarding House was founded in May 2008. Since then we have established a further 2 Boarding Houses which help over 60 children get the education they need.

Access to education in rural areas of Peru is notoriously problematic and Ccorca is no exception. Children from as young as 7 have to walk for up to 8 hours each day to get to and from school. Inevitably, they arrive too tired to concentrate and many give up on their education altogether.

Our 3 Educational Boarding Houses give the most disadvantaged children in Ccorca a place to stay near to school. Instead of walking home for up to 4 hours each morning and afternoon, this time is spent on academic support classes, extra-curricular activities, personal development workshops and community outreach projects. The impact so far is clear: in 2012 two of our graduate girls won scholarships to attend a pre-university course, a first in Ccorca’s history!