London Plus, championing civil society

by Margaret Cooney

about 1 year ago by

London Plus is the ‘hub’ body for the capital’s 120,000 plus voluntary and community organisations that form part of civil society in London. We arrived at an interesting time for civil society as the boundaries between the state, voluntary, private and public sectors in supporting civil society have become more blurred. London Plus also emerged out of a shared consensus that although social ac...

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Supporting the London Marathon as it breaks the £1bn mark

by Gillian McKay

about 1 year ago by Poppy Bragg

This weekend sees the 2019 London marathon take place from Greenwich to the Mall. The marathon is one of the UK’s biggest single fundraising events, this year will see the amounts raised for charities since its inception in 1981 break the £1billion mark. In celebration of this fact this year’s campaign message is #ThanksaBillion. In addition to all the money raised by individual runners, the pr...

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CC20 – Charities and Fundraising: a guide to trustee responsibilities

by Dan Fletcher

over 2 years ago by Christel Hawkins

CC20 – Charities and Fundraising: a guide to trustee responsibilities is the Charity Commission’s guidance for trustees on fundraising. It was in part driven by the fundraising crises of 2015 and perceived weaknesses in charity governance. The guide states explicitly that trustees can not delegate ultimate legal responsibility for fundraising to executive staff. While it encourages trustees to ...

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