Support the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign

Posted 4 months ago By Kristina Kopic


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, charities have seen their income drop while their services are #NeverMoreNeeded. 

Non-profits have rallied to help their communities, and millions have volunteered for charities, mutual aid groups and the NHS to do their bit for those that for those that are most vulnerable. Charities and volunteers have provided invaluable support to their communities, including:

  • Organising and distributing food
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Providing transport to medical appointments
  • Combating loneliness
  • Providing support to people affected by mental health, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, illness or life-long conditions
  • Working to find safe places to stay for people sleeping rough
  • Finding safe places for people (and their children) desperate to escape domestic abuse

The list is endless.

The #NeverMoreNeeded campaign asks us all to show that we understand the importance of having a thriving and sustainable charity sector.

Find out how you can show your support by visiting the #NeverMoreNeeded website.