Hear what users had to say about ICAEW’S online Trustee Training Modules

Posted over 1 year ago By Dale Archer


ICAEW’s online Trustee Training Modules have been produced to help trustees feel confident in their role. We caught up with a couple of people who have completed the modules to find out what they thought.


Martin Bostock was Chair of Young Citizens until March this year. Sherv Cheung is Senior Audit Assistant in the Internal Audit team at the Donkey Sanctuary.



  1. What was your overall impression of the training modules?


Martin: I think they’re a really great piece of work!  Although I’ve been a trustee for 11 years and a Chair for 5 years, I learnt a lot.  I definitely feel better informed and more confident.


  1. How have you used the ICAEW’s Trustee Training Modules?


Sherv: I'm currently in a charity internal audit team so it’s a useful tool to consider our trustees' needs and the assurances they need to have to ensure that the charity is creating maximum impact for its beneficiaries. 


I'm also a governor of a single academy trust, and an Executive Committee Member of Charities Internal Audit Network (CIAN).  The modules have been really useful as a self-reflection tool and refresher of my own responsibilities, as well as how we can best engage with all of our stakeholders. 


  1. What 3 things did you like most about the training modules?



  • They’re very well written and well-pitched. The content is neither patronising nor too technical or complex so is really accessible for a wide audience.
  • The recurring Board case study was excellent and very thought provoking.
  • The interaction was good and helped me engage with the topic. Generally I found the design and flow excellent.



Sherv: I liked how the modules are discrete and on-demand and you can always come back to them as and when is convenient to fit around your schedule. 


They are also very accessible and written in language that is not overly technical. 


My favourite thing is that they drive the message that governance is equally about compliance and proper legal and financial stewardship of an organisation, as well as its charitable activities - and that these things are not mutually exclusive. Successful charities need trustees that are able to bridge the two in order to maximise impact for their beneficiaries. The modules also outline that it is just as much about behaviours and respecting all of the amazing staff and volunteers that help charities carry out their public benefit as it is technical knowledge. 


  1. How have the training modules helped you in your role?


Sherv: I think that the more 'practical' elements of the modules, such as the 'Managing Board Dynamics' section were really helpful in applying the principles of good governance to a scenario. It helped to reinforce that governance is about driving desirable and collaborative behaviour at the top of the organisation that champions diversity and the idea that decision-making should be centred around the best interests of the charity's beneficiaries. 


Some sections also have a discussion feature where users can post their thoughts on practical scenarios. I found this to be really interesting - to see everyone's reactions and thoughts to given situations.


5.   What would you say to a trustee or colleague who was thinking of using the training modules?


Sherv: The programme contains really varied modules so it functions exceptionally well as an induction if you're new to trusteeship, or as a refresher if you have been serving for a while. 


Martin: I’d be really happy to offer this to trustees on my board!  So I would definitely recommend it to others.



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