Case study- Charles Inigo-Jones is the new Assistant to the Treasurer at Breadline

Posted almost 6 years ago By Lynn Cadman


Interview with Charles Inigo-Jones, Assistant to the Treasurer at Breadline

I qualified with Arthur Andersen in 1989, then joined Charterhouse Bank to work in M&A and corporate finance for 3 years.  I then went travelling and returned to join the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) where I had a first taste of the non-profit / ‘third sector’.  I left the EBRD in 2005 and have since held various finance roles in private equity owned businesses ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to Southern Water.  I’m now looking to transition into the charity sector. In hindsight, working for an NGO like the EBRD taught me how to work where money isn’t a key motive – it’s given me a good grounding!

What prompted you to offer your skills on

I want to move my paid career into the charity sector and thought would help in my transition. I’m also studying for a part-time Masters in Charity Accounting and Financial Management at Cass Business School working on short-term financial planning and management projects for charities, but I wanted some hands on accounting experience in the area.

What type of role were you looking for?

I was looking for a role that was local in the first instance that would give me hands on experience – an opportunity to use my skills in a new sector. I wasn’t looking for a trustee role, which tends to be more stand-offish.

How many roles did you apply for?

I just applied for one role – Assistant to the Treasurer of Breadline.

What does your volunteering role involve?

I’m responsible for managing online donations. This involves some data manipulation and reconciliation, which I then package up for the Treasurer to feed into the accounting system.

What has been the high point of your work with the charity?

I only joined in November so it’s early days yet. It took a while to get to grips with CAF Donate and the requirements of gift aid.  For now I am just happy to be learning and (I hope) contributing to the finance processes and overall charity work!

Have you found the scheme rewarding? If so, why?

I’ve found the task and working with the charity’s Treasurer very rewarding. Overall, the role is providing me with great experience and learning – it’s been an ideal first step in my career transition into the charity sector.

Would you recommend the scheme to your peers? If so, why?

I’d definitely recommend the website - I found it helpful, easy to use, and well stocked with volunteering opportunities.