Case study – CMV Action recruits a new Treasurer through

Posted over 6 years ago By Lynn Cadman


Interview with Caroline Star Chair of CMV Action

CMV Action supports families affected by CMV - a leading cause of birth defects in the UK. The charity provides a family support group and promotes research into a better understanding of the condition.

It has been registered as a charity since 2012 and is chaired by Caroline Star.

What prompted you to sign up to the ICAEW volunteering website?

The past Treasurer wanted to step down so the charity had some time to prepare. We wanted someone with an outside perspective and came across through a Google search.

Which role were you looking for to help with the charity?

A Treasurer.

What does the volunteer do for the charity?

Tom does Treasurer duties as well as other areas above and beyond. The charity has been through rapid change and needs to grow capacity in order to deliver on our ambitious objectives. Tom was able to provide a strategic role and lead a project looking at how we could increase capacity.

He brings a lot of experience on budgeting and reporting cycles. We are a small organisation and he has helped us plan more effectively and make good use of our resources.

Has Tom helped the charity to do anything differently or achieve something you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to?

See above. Tom was also involved in some quick wins including reviewing the annual report and finance processes.

For anyone thinking of signing up to, what do you think it can offer them?

We would recommend it. It is the first choice as it allows for organisations to search by location and sector which is different from a lot of other sites. I was attracted by the fact that the charity could highlight themselves to specific volunteers.

The fact that the website is marketed to Chartered Accountants gave us the confidence that they were good quality candidates and they do what they say they will do.

A smaller charity needs someone more able as larger charities have the structures and personnel behind them. We got exactly the calibre of person they wanted.

We had no responses from any other sites, which shows a lack of functionality.