Things to think about before recruiting new board members.

Posted over 7 years ago By Lynn Cadman


Before you recruit new board members, you need to know the ones you already have on board

The best way to make sure that a new board member will complement and enhance the existing board, is to undertake a skills audit of the current board. The result of the audit will be a better understanding of what skills you will require the new board members to have. When posting a role on   you will be able to specify the skills you are looking for, ensuring you get relevant applications.

Make sure your expectations and the role is clearly defined

Make sure you are clear on the requirements of the role. How often do the board meet? How much preparation is required for meetings? Do you expect board members to attend other meetings or events during the role?

Are you looking for a generic board member or are you looking for somebody to take on a specific officer role such as Chair, Treasurer or Secretary?  Make sure you clarify this and list the specific skills and experience you are looking for in each case.

When you post you role on you will be able to specify these requirements so that the people applying for your role are more likely to have the required skills and are able to commit sufficient time.

Do it right – check your governing document and eligibility

Before you start looking for a new board member, check the governing documents of your organisation so that you know how you should go about getting new board members. Does your governing document require all board members to be elected at the AGM or does the board have the power to appoint board members?

Also make sure that you know the legal requirements for eligibility for any candidate you appoint, this will depend on the legal structure of your organisation e.g. if you are a charity or an incorporated company.

Next steps

Finally make sure you have a clear plan for appointing and inducting the new board member. Will you be holding formal or informal interviews for the role? Will you ask potential candidates to observe a board meeting before you make your decision?