Top tips for finding the right volunteering opportunity for you

Posted almost 8 years ago By Lynn Cadman


It is not always easy to find a volunteering role that is right for you. Below we list ways of finding out what role is good for you and ways of finding out what role is right for you:


  • Think about what you want from volunteering. Is it new skills, fun or a chance to contribute to a cause?
  • Think about what you have to offer such as enthusiasm, work or life skills, specialist knowledge or willingness to learn.
  • Work out roughly how much time you have to give, and how many times a week or month you want to volunteer.
  • Browse current volunteering opportunities using’s search facilities on . Think about what sector, type of role and location you are interested in.
  • Narrow down your search if you get too many results by refining the search criteria.
  • If you don't get many results try widening your search criteria – you never know what might turn up!
  • Remember that everyone can volunteer - whatever your skills, experience or background you should be able to find an opportunity.
  • Research and ask questions from the organisations publicising the roles before or during the application process to make sure you understand what the organisation does and what the role you are interested in entails.
  • Give it a go!