Recruiting charity trustees - a practical guide

by Penny Wilson

The charity Getting on Board has just launched free guidance for the charity sector: How to Recruit Trustees for your Charity – a Practical Guide. We asked CEO, Penny Wilson, what prompted the guidance and how it could help to change the way charity leaders are recruited. Getting on Board’s research shows that there are great benefits to being a trustee: 96% say they’ve learnt new skills, 22% g...

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Feel confident in your role as a charity trustee

by Lynn Cadman

January saw the launch of the new Volunteering Community – and with it ICAEW’s new online Trustee Training Modules. We caught up with co-author of the modules, Lynn Cadman, to find out more about this online training and why she wanted to be involved in the project. I’ve been a charity trustee for a few years now. It is incredibly rewarding, giving you the opportunity to enhance your skills and...

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Make volunteering your 2019 New Year’s Resolution

by Poppy Bragg

Here are nine reasons why volunteering is the New Year’s Resolution to make (and keep) in 2019. 1. You can contribute to a cause that you care about “The broadest, and maybe the most meaningful definition of volunteering: Doing more than you have to because you want to, in a cause you consider good.” – Ivan Scheier Whether your chosen cause relates to supporting education, health, sports or art...

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Stay well in the festive period

by Jayne Hill, CABA

Jayne Hill of CABA writes about how to stay well during the festive period and highlights how volunteering can help with your mental health. Whatever you have planned for the festive season, there’s no doubt that this can be a busy time of year. It’s important to take extra care of your emotional and physical wellbeing so here are some tips from the experts at CABA for staying well through the ...

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Confessions of a new trustee

by Lynn Cadman

Trustees’ Week 2018 is taking place 12 – 16 November and is a chance to celebrate all things trustee-related: championing existing trustees, inspiring new ones and informing people from all walks of life about using their skills and experience to support good causes. So what better opportunity to reflect on my own experience of joining a board this year? Here are my ‘confessions’ of a new trust...

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Being a Charity Trustee - Busting the Myths

by Lynn Cadman

As Trustees' Week 2018 begins we thought we’d correct a few of the myths surrounding trusteeship… Myth no.1: Trusteeship is only for people in senior professional roles or who are retired Ok so it’s correct that the average trustee is aged 60-62 and that 60% of trustees have a professional qualification (according to Taken on Trust (2017)). However, that doesn’t mean that trusteeship is only op...

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Changes to the ICAEW Charity & Voluntary Community

by Gillian McKay

Head of Charity & Voluntary for ICAEW, Gillian McKay, tells us about the changes coming up for the ICAEW Charity & Voluntary Sector Community and her thoughts on challenges for the sector. What changes are happening to the Charity & Voluntary Sector Community? From January the existing Charity & Voluntary Sector Community will split into two groups: the Charity Finance Professionals Community a...

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Case study: Accountants as school governors - how your expertise can help

by Sam Butler

All businesses need accountants – and that includes schools. From financial planning, to scrutinising budgets, to holding senior leadership to account, schools rely on their governing body. School governors are the largest volunteer force in education, but thousands of primary and secondary schools across the country need volunteers to bring their skills to a governing board. Sam Butler is an a...

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Case study: Insight into life as a charity trustee

by Mary Hardy

I volunteer as a Trustee for CABA, the charity that supports the wellbeing of past and present ICAEW members and their families, and which partners with ICAEW to provide I also chair CABA’s Audit and Risk Committee (ARC). Preparing and attending board and committee meetings are a crucial part of my role, as well as balancing the current demands on the organisation with ...

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Case study: Volunteering with the Salvation Army

by Poppy Bragg

Joe Ryan has been a chartered accountant with ICAEW since 1974. After a 35 year career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, of which the last 24 years were as a partner, Joe retired and took up a number of non-executive roles. Here he tells us about his new volunteer role. Where are you volunteering? I’ve just started a role with the Salvation Army a charity that does great work. Before starting I knew...

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