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This is a Trustee role, which is split between governing, doing and reporting activities. The role requires the Treasurer to manage the Charity’s finances and to ensure that all income is legitimately received and that all expenditure is appropriately applied (in line with the Charity’s goals).

The Treasurer also needs to prepare the Charity’s budget and produce the Charity’s quarterly and annual financial reports (in line with The Charity Commission’s expectations).

The role comes with additional Trustee responsibilities, an overview of which is available at

The specific responsibilities of the role are:

  1. Managing the Charity’s bank account.
  2. Banking of cash receipts.
  3. Creating budgets, based on the Charities goals, defining what income is required and how that income shall be spent.
  4. Ensuring the Charity’s finances are correctly accounted for. This includes all income from donations and all expenditure.
  5. Ensuring donations are legitimately received and that all expenditure is in line with the Charity’s objectives.
  6. Production of quarterly and year end financial reports (In line with The Charity Commission’s expectations)
  7. Approving expense claims and reimbursing applicants.

No specific qualifications are required for this role, however the ability is required to prepare and present the required reporting and accounting, as required by The Charity Commission (see

You will need the following skills to undertake this role:

  1. Underlying Knowledge: Possessing an academic understanding of money management (including budgeting) and accounting for charities (or at least a small business).
  2. Financial Planning and Budgeting Skills: The ability to identify what funds will be needed by the Charity to achieve its annual objectives.
  3. Administration Skills: The ability to accurately log income and expenditure.
  4. Report Writing Skills: The ability to produce quarterly and annual financial reports (which meet The Charity Commission expectations). Also, the ability to define income and expenditure expectations that must be met by Trustees and Volunteers.
  5. Presentation Skills: The ability to present financial reports to the Board of Trustees at General meetings and to Members at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Training Skills: The ability to train others on the correct use of financial tools, where applicable (e.g. completing an expenses form).
  7. Organisational Skills: The ability to attend meetings, including the Annual General Meeting. - Note that remote attendance options (e.g. Skype) will be available.