Treasurer and Trustee of Leading Volunteering Charity

Each year over 600 local charities are supported to engage volunteers by the volunteer centre.  From 1-1 support, our accredited volunteer managers training, the free Kite-mark, the volunteer managers’ forum we provide a whole host of support to community groups to help them create amazing volunteer journeys.  We also help 4000 local people from all walks of life into life changing volunteer roles.  We lead on a unique volunteering campaign in Bradford,, which is adopted by all the organisations from the Council, to private companies and the fire service. We are a small but well run charity (3 staff) with established reserves and a dedicated and engaged trustee board.   The board just meet quarterly on a weekday evening and other than that there would just be a commitment of one hour per month to plan finances with the CEO.  The charity has a secure local authority contact for two years and also receives unrestricted income for supporting corporate volunteering projects.  In terms of what skills we would be looking for finance/partnership working skills are missing at the moment on the board of trustees.

We are one of only two Volunteer Centres recognised as a Community Beacon by NCVO and we are the voluntary sector lead on a new district wide volunteering initiative supported by statutory and voluntary sector partners.