Service volunteer

UKLGIG office
Volunteer role
07 Sep 2017
18 Sep 2017
SV Sept17
Human Rights
Evenings, Weekdays

Role objectives

Services volunteers will support the delivery of UKLGIG’s services to LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum.

Description of tasks

Services volunteers will undertake some or all of the following depending on their skills and UKLGIG’s needs at any particular time.

  • Answering queries to the office by phone and email
  • Helping staff with the monthly asylum legal meetings
  • Assisting in following-up with attendees of the legal meetings
  • Organising social events for clients
  • Writing content for website
  • Posting updates on UKLGIG Facebook and Twitter accounts

Responsible to: Leila Zadeh (Executive Director)   Location: UKLGIG office or occasional other location by prior arrangement.
  Commitment expected

Services volunteers are expected to commit for a minimum of one day a week – and up to a maximum of three days a week – between Monday and Friday for at least three months.

Skills and qualifications


  • Good written English.
  • Clear spoken English and polite telephone manner.
  • Experience of using Microsoft Word.
  • Empathy for people who are claiming asylum on the basis of their sexuality and/or gender identity/expression.
  • Commitment to equal opportunities.


  • Experience of using Excel.
  • Experience of writing for websites.
  • Experience of using Twitter.
  • Understanding of the asylum process in the UK.

Equal opportunities and eligibility for the role

UKLGIG is committed to equal opportunities.

UKLGIG volunteers must be aged 18 or over. To prevent conflicts of interest and protect the confidentiality of our clients, UKLGIG’s volunteering policy does not allow volunteering by people who are current or potential asylum seekers, or whose asylum claims have been refused.

Training and support

Services volunteers can expect:

  • An induction to the work of UKLGIG.
  • Regular supervision, support and feedback from the executive director.
  • Opportunities to attend UKLGIG team meetings.

Reimbursement of expenses

Public transport within London to and from the UKLGIG office can be reimbursed on production of receipts, by prior arrangement with the executive director. Subsistence expenses (e.g. lunch) to a maximum of £6 per day (minimum 5 hours) volunteered can also be reimbursed.