Honorary Treasurer

Westcombe Park/Blackheath area
Unpaid, voluntary
12 Aug 2017
12 Nov 2017
Independent school

Honorary Treasurer – Greenwich Steiner School

Greenwich Steiner School is an independent school offering a very special form of education to around 180 children aged 3 to 14.

Our mission is to provide a holistic and nurturing education that inspires children to develop a love of learning, the courage to question, the ability to express their individuality and to make a positive contribution to the world around them. We aim to create a joyful learning experience for children of all cultural, racial, social and religious backgrounds. We strive to provide an education imbued with a fundamental respect for the individuality of each human being. 

Our school has a number of exiting challenges ahead of it including the expansion of early years and upper school provision as well as improvements to existing provision. Financially the school is on a solid footing having recently refinanced its existing operations, and we have recently appointed a new management team with the right skills and the energy and inspiration to take the school forward. We want to ensure that we have a board of governors with sufficient capability and capacity to support this ongoing improvement of provision and expansion.

We are particularly keen to recruit an independent Treasurer, with financial acumen, to complement the existing cohort of governors who are also parents. The Treasurer is a key post, reporting to the Chair and the Board of Governors. Their role is to help the board ensure that the schools’ finances are managed well, including by providing adequate support and challenge to the Bursar. The term of office is for a minimum of one year, renewable thereafter by mutual agreement.

Specific Responsibilities:

The role holder shall:

Chair the Finance Committee.

Have oversight of the school's accounts and accounting policies, and ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements.

Ensure the presentation of timely and meaningful financial reports to the board, including to monitor progress against the annual budget.

Ensure that all board members have adequate training and information to enable them to effectively oversee the financial health of the organisation

Oversee and direct the development of annual budget and its submission to the Board for its approval.

Oversee development and board review of financial policies and procedures. With the Finance Committee, monitors the adherence to financial policies and procedures adopted by the Board.

Develop a strong understanding of the schools’ financial record keeping, accounting systems, financial reports and financial policies and procedures.</li> <li>Ensure that the assets of the charity are preserved according to board policy.

Present the recommendation of the auditor to the Board for their approval. With the Finance Committee reviews the results of the audit including the management letter, develops a plan for remediation, if necessary, and presents the results to the Board.


The Treasurer should ideally have a recognised financial qualification as well as significant experience of financial management and control in a commercial or non-profit environment.

Time commitment and practicalities

The successful applicant will be expected to devote sufficient time to the post to discharge their responsibilities. In practice this could be around 10 – 20 hours per month on average. As a key board position, the Treasurer will be expected to visit the school on a regular basis, at least twice a term, in working hours. One main board meeting is held each term, and each board committee also meets once per term, normally in the evening. In addition, the Treasurer will be expected to keep in regular contact with the Chair, and other governors on the Finance Committee. 

This is an honorary position and is unpaid. In return for your time and commitment, you will gain experience of working on a board with other committed volunteers, the opportunity to help our devoted management team achieve the vision they are working towards, and see tangible outcomes in the form of a happy, thriving, and growing school.

If you would like to apply, please complete the attached application form and send it, with CV and a covering letter explaining why you would like this role to: lucybeverley@greenwichsteinerschool.org.uk