Team Mate for Children's Charity

Team Mates are an essential part of Camp. They help to support, guide, inspire and empower our Campers to maximise their potential and increase their confidence.

Campers will be divided into teams before they arrive based on the age groups of 8-10, 11-13, 13-15 and 15-17. As a Team Mate you will be assigned one of these teams and throughout Camp you will build amazing 1-1 relationships with your team of Campers on a daily basis.  Your role is to support and encourage the Campers on their individual and collective journeys whilst also assisting your fellow Volunteers.

Throughout Camp you will enthusiastically support Campers in a wide range of activities, including Drama, Music, Arts and Crafts, Discovery, Sports and Games, encouraging them to reflect on what they have achieved.  You will also look after the day-time and night-time needs of the Campers in their accommodation.

For more information and a photo gallery (which gives a good taste of camp life) then please visit our website:

We are looking for Team Mates who:

  • Have the ability to form positive, supportive relationships with our Campers
  • Are energetic and enthusiastic in their approach to Camp and all Camp activities
  • Possess excellent communications skills
  • Can work effectively as part of a team
  • Will be non-judgemental in your approach to camp
  • Have a clear understanding of appropriate boundaries when working with Campers
  • Be reliable, punctual and dependable
  • Have a sense of fun!