Contact: Simon Berry

c/o Museum of Brands
111-117 Lancaster Road
W11 1QT
United Kingdom

Tel: 07932107109

About ColaLife

Coca-Cola seems to get everywhere in developing countries, yet simple life-saving medicines don’t. Why?
That conundrum, that affront to a fair chance at life for children, gave us our name. We don’t apologise for the difficult question it raises.
Because, over 3 decades since Oral Rehydration Salts were discovered, more than a decade since the protective effect of Zinc was proven, 99% of diarrhoea cases are not treated with ORS and Zinc and diarrhoea is still the world's second biggest killer of young children.
This tells us that current efforts to improve access are not sufficient and are working too slowly. ColaLife exists to transform access to diarrhoea treatment and is doing so with a sense of urgency.
ColaLife is about disruptive innovation - small changes that will make a big, self-sustaining improvement.

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