Chestnuts Primary School Governing Board

Contact: Mr Wayne Scott

St Georges Rd/Buckingham Rd
United Kingdom

Tel: 01908 373748

About Chestnuts Primary School Governing Board

Schools are currently facing financially challenging times and with proposed changes to the schools funding formula in mind, there has never been a more important time for finance professionals to become involved in the management of our schools. Can you spare a few hours a month to give something back to your local community and ensure the financial health of our schools?

Chestnuts Primary School, Buckinghamshire (MK3 5EN) is looking for a volunteer from a finance background to join their governing body.

The role of a school’s governing body is similar to a non-executive board of directors and like a board of directors, schools need a diverse array of skills and backgrounds to perform effectively. School governors perform the most important voluntary role in education, supporting the head teacher with key decisions such as the recruitment of senior members of staff, budget allocation, curriculum and premises.

School governance is a proven skills development opportunity  and can lead to enhanced career progression for those with only a few years of professional experience. It will allow you to develop in areas such as strategic management, financial planning and performance management. Governors can also become in involved in pay reviews, disciplinary panels and large procurement projects.

For those with several years of experience, this opportunity will not only give you an in-depth insight into the education sector, but also the chance to use your professional skills to give each pupil the best possible education possible and support your local community.

The average time commitment is just 16 hours per term and you do not need to be a parent or have knowledge of the education system in order to apply.

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    A good governor is dedicated to acting diligently and with integrity. They attend meetings, prepared to show determination to get results for pupils.