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About Most Mira

Most Mira is a unique youth arts charity which brings together young people and communities from across the ethnic divide in the Prijedor region of Republika Srpska (The Serb Republic), North West Bosnia-Herzegovina. We were set up to promote a peaceful future for the young people through joint arts activities. Most Mira has charitable status in the UK and Bosnia but is currently run from the UK and board meetings take place in Central London. Most Mira is not a religiously or politically affiliated charity.

We have been working since 2009 as the only collaborative youth arts project in the Prijedor region, where there is high unemployment, strong ethnic segregation and a lack of opportunity for young generations. The area experienced violent conflict during the war in the 1990s, with mass displacement of the Muslim population, three concentration camps and one of the biggest mass graves all located in the villages surrounding Prijedor where we operate.

Our art projects provide opportunities for young people to take the lead and work with peers from different schools and backgrounds. Through our peace building residentials Bosnian and international young people come together to learn about what happened in the war, how people are recovering from it, how they are dealing with the area’s history, and hear about the work of local campaigners since the war.

Building on our 10 years of project experience and contacts on the ground, Most Mira is now moving into a new phase of its development. We are working to establish a permanent presence in the area and build a Youth Centre out of a war ruined building in Kevljani, on the border between Serbian and Bosniak villages near Prijedor, and the location of our youth festivals to date. The Centre will provide space for year-round activities for local young people of all ethnicities, international peace studies conferences and new local social enterprises. It's an exciting vision and we look forward to welcoming new Trustees to support the current Board in making that vision a reality. 

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